Do you buy goods inspired by advertisements?

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    Nowadays all media channels are flooded with various kinds of advertisements and to be frank most of them are just ridiculous. They never give the same satisfaction level as promised in advertisements. In our country there are a large number of cases pending in consumer courts which are filed by consumers against fake products. They just try to mislead the consumer by giving wrong message through these ads and make it very appealing with the help of celebrities.

    Are you keen to buy products that are being advertised or you believe more on others experiences?

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    I’ve become fairly cynical. I’m not as likely to buy into the hype. I don’t give much credence to celebrity endorsements either. I doubt that they even use the products that they advertise. Most of them probably only endorse the items because they are being paid to do so.

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    Lazar Manic

    No, never. I think some advertisements can only change my mind, even if I wanted to buy something. Good, quality products are best advertisements there is.

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    luis alex

    A great many people trust that the decisions they make result from a sane examination of accessible options. As a general rule, be that as it may, feelings significantly impact and, much of the time, even decide our choices.

    Feelings are the essential motivation behind why buyers lean toward brand name items. All things considered, a hefty portion of the items we purchase are accessible as non specific and store brands with the same fixings and at less expensive costs.

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    I sometimes buy goods simply because I liked the advertisement. However, thee next purchase will always depend on whether I liked the product or not.

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    Advertise catch my attention, however, advertisements do not persuade me to buy goods. I buy good that has been reviewed positively by real customers.

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